Paul has been writing and performing his
own music since 1965.  His second CD,
"Old Lovers," has been nominated for
Best Folk Album for the 2004 Canadian
Aboriginal Music Awards. The CD
addresses the ancient relationship
between Men and Women and between
the Earth and the "two-leggeds." Old
Lovers, an eclectic mix of folk, blues and
ballads, was produced by Paul Mills of the
Millstream, and launched September 9,
2004 at the Rivoli in Toronto.

Paul's first CD, "Sweet Rain, White Lights, Red Blues", was nominated in the categories of Best Male Artist and Best Folk Album at the 2002 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. He was also featured as a performer at the 2002 awards ceremony held at the Sky Dome.

Also involved in the arts as an organizer, Paul is now Chair of the
Toronto-based Métis Artists Collective, and is Executive Director of the annual Métis Arts Festival; Evolution of the Voyageur, which took place July 17  18 this year at Black Creek Pioneer Village.      

For many years, Paul has worked in radio, film and television. He wrote and directed the docudrama "The Power of the Circle: Restorative Justice in NAN Communities," as well as composing the soundtrack for it and four episodes of "Finding Our Talk: A Journey Through Aboriginal Languages", which is currently airing on APTN.  Paul hosts and narrates the radio version of Finding Our Talk on the national satellite Aboriginal Voices Radio Network (AVRN), in addition to being involved as host, narrator, associate producer and occasional director on the television series.      

Originally from St. Adolphe, Manitoba, Paul Chaput is a Métis artist involved in such diverse realms as healing, guest lecturing at universities on Métis issues, poetry and carving, as well as music.  In the early 90's, he was one of four founding members of the Métis Nation of Ontario, and has worked for the past six years as a facilitator/negotiator between the federal government and First Nations.  In February of 1995, Paul was awarded the Star of Courage by Governor General Romeo LeBlanc in Ottawa for rescuing a number of people from a blaze in downtown Toronto.
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