Paul Chaput is organizing the release of his latest CD:
" George Dandin-le mari confondu"
in September of 2007
in both Toronto and Montreal. The CD features
his compositions for the sound track of Molier’s play
" George Dandin-le mari confondu"

Release Party Details will be posted soon...

"Paul Chaput's music is highly original, poetic, spiritual and heart-felt.  Beautiful melodies built around intricate guitar accompaniment round out the package." 

                            -  Paul Mills, the Millstream
"makes profound statements about human beings' existence in relation to the environment"

                          -  Neil Armstrong, CHRY
What Others Say...
Last Updated October 02 2007 5:00pm EST
"Telling [his story] with rigour and sincerity, Chaput channels, as much by his meticulous articulation as by his register...some of the giants of Canadian folk; Willie P. Bennett and Gordon Lightfoot come to mind."

                        - Dominique Denis, L'Express
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October 2007
Paul Chaput releases his new CD
George Dandin-le mari confondu